Our Programs



Youth Changemaker Summit is a 3-day immersion in how to change the world through venture creation for high school students. To create the Arizona we want, we must empower all students to build solutions to the problems they experience in their home communities. In October 2018, Youth Changemaker Summit will be empowering Scottsdale youth to improve their community!


It takes a village to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and we harness the power of the village with a weekly skill-building series that promotes access and equity in our community. MidWeek MindTweak attendees learn new skills, have conversations about equity, and improve the overall health of small businesses in Arizona. 


As if saving lives wasn’t enough, our healthcare heroes are banding together to bring the future of health technology to Phoenix! Perch is an initiative that nurtures and grows innovative health tech ideas into industry-changing solutions. This initiative brings monthly panels, programs and events to the city to inspire collaboration between brilliant entrepreneurs and industry leaders.


Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy and that’s why we’ve brought you experts in fields such as legal, financial, online visibility and more to help you focus and GSD. During CO+HOOTS Foundation’s Community Advisement Days, community sponsors offer pro-bono consulting to area entrepreneurs on a variety of topics so that they can do what they do best -- run businesses + change the world!